Awarding the winners in the competitions of Sofia University Library and the Facebook page "Classical CULer"

nagradi_2018.jpgOn 7th March 2018 took place the award ceremony. Assoc. Prof. Anna Angelova presented the history of the competitions and games organized together with the Facebook page "Classical CULer" and emphasized that for the Sofia University Library team it is extremely important the partnership with the students. On behalf of the administrators of the Facebook page, Ivailo Stoyanov told about the creation of the idea and thanked the management and the staff of Sofia University Library for the cooperation in all formats.

At the initiative of the administrators of Facebook page "Classic CULer" in the central building of Sofia University Library for thenag_1.jpg third time took place the game "From the morning read, become a Classical CULer". From 22nd January to 16th February 2018, the reader who first came to the library received a coupon with stamp “CULer of the Day”. The winner with collected 17 coupons is Dilyana Trapcheva, a student in the fifth year of the specialty "Slavic Philology". She received the specially made medal and a cup with the logo of the page "Classical CULer" and raised the bowl. From Sofia University Library Dilyana was awarded with a certificate, a free reader’s card for the next academic year and the "The Known and Unknown Library" walk.
During the winter session, the CULers organized a second game - "CUL Quiz". 15 questions related to the history of the library, with the resources and services that readers use on a daily basis, were put on the Facebook page. The first place was won by Momchil Tsonkov, with second and third place was awarded Konstantin Mladenov and Rumyana Popova, who were awarded the specially made medals and cups with the logo of the page "Classical CULer". Sofia University Library honoured the first three places with certificates and free reader’s cards for the next academic year, and the winner joined the "The Known and Unknown Library" walk.
nag_4.jpgThe Director of the library also awarded the winners in the "Session at the University Library" photo contest, which took place for the third consecutive year. The main objective of the competition was the presentation of Sofia University Library through the view of the readers. The photos taken during the session were published on the facebook page of the Sofia University Library, and the jury vote was democratic and transparent - according to the number of the likes. On first place was ranked the photo of Blagodina Hristova, Ivona Encheva and Martina Marinova, second year at the FPPP, Special pedagogy. After a highly contested race the second place was left for Pavleta Metodieva, a Master's degree program in Graphic Design, and third place was awarded to Veneta Stoyanova, a third year student in Fine Arts, also from the FPPP. The winners received certificates, free reader’s cards for the next school year, and the "The Known and Unknown Library" walk. With the "Director's Award" and a free reader’s card for the next academic year was honored Martin Mitov - PhD student "Biblical Archeology" at the Faculty of Theology. Atanas Radev, specialty Logopedia, third year, Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Pedagogy, was awarded with certificate for participation in the competition.
The celebration by the awarding of the winners in the contests started with presentation of the history of the partnership betweennag_3.jpg Sofia University Library and the CULers and ended with a surprise – the administrators of the Facebook page “Classical CULer” – Alexander Blajev, Lubov Hristova and Ivailo Stoyanov received certificates for great contribution in the developing of the relationship readers – library. All of the participants in the ceremony marked the great partnership of the students with the library and shared the hope that the next generations of CULers will continue the tradition of their predecessors.
After the awarding, the winners made the traditional “The Known and Unknown Library” walk, and after that all of them join the “Party with CULers”.

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