Special collections

Rare and Valuable Books holdings, based on collections, includes manuscripts, old print books, periodicals, reference editions, maps and atlases, bibliophile editions in Bulgarian, Slavic, Classic and Contemporary European languages in the period XIV - XX century. The basis of the fund was set by the collection "Bulgarian old print editions" that contains 2,453 volumes of books and periodicals. Among them are "Nedelnik" (collection of precepts and sermons for every holiday of the year based on Greek and Slavic sources) by Sophronius of Vratsa, "Primer with different teachings" by Dr. Petar Beron, "Bulgarian grammar" by Neophyte Rilski, "Forest Traveler" by G.S. Rakovski, Hristo Botev’s newspapers, the first Bulgarian magazine "Lyuboslovie", and others.   The holdings include the following collections:
1. Manuscripts (XIV-XIX centuries)
2. Bulgarian old print editions (1806-1878)
3. Foreign old-print, rare and valuable editions (up to 1900)
4. Archive of Prof. Stoyan Romanski (a unique collection of 380 hand-written theses on ethnography)
5. Collection “Slavika” (XVI-XIX centuries)
6. Cartographic editions (until 1900) and others.

Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014