University library "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Chronicle for the period from 2008 to present


A complete renovation on the first floor of the Central University Library is made – central lounge, reading rooms, catalogue room, lending service.
The external facade of the Central University Library is renewed.


Experimentally is implemented “Circulation” module in the branch libraries Chemistry and Geography.

The Sofia University Library migrated successfully from ILIS ALEPH 300 to ILIS ALEPH 500.

Working on the SU DIGITAL project.

The Sofia University Library is included to the NALIS project (“National Academic Library and Information System”).

A complete renovation on the second floor of the Central University Library is made.

Specialized reading room is opened at the Central University Library, designed for students with special educational needs. The reading room is equipped with the necessary hardware and software for the needs of the blind students – Braille printer, Braille display, enlarger and specialized software.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is prepared and published the book –  Rare and Valuable Editions in the Sofia University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” 16th-20th c. / Compiler Anna Angelova, co-author. Liliana Petkova and Virginia Berberova; Scientific consultants – Prof. D.  Veselinov and Assoc. Prof. Andrey Boyadzhiev.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the founding of the library and the 140th anniversary of Acad. Stoyan Argirov is published the edition Argirov, Stoyan. Selected works / Compiler Anna Angelova.


Module “Circulation” is implemented in all branch libraries.

Module “Interlibrary loan” of ILIS ALEPH is implemented.

Retrospective conversion of catalogues within the NALIS project began.

All books from the personal library of Alfred Oden are described and presented.

The database of the Sofia University Library is connected to the union NALIS catalogue.

Library “Journalism” is moved to new premises in the renovated wing of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. A full inventory of the library fund is made, which is arranged in the reading rooms and in the book depository.


Bibliographic records of the rare and valuable books stored in the reading room “Studii” are created in ILIS ALEPH.

The Law library is reorganized.

The book History of the University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” 1888-1944 written by Liliana Petkova and Slavka Shopova and scientific editor Anna Angelova is published.

The book Knizhevni zalisi, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Teodorov – Balan with authors Anna Angelova and D. Veselinov is published.


An extended working time is introduced (including Saturday) by a request of students:

to 11 PM for the users of the Central University Library;
to 12 PM in the branch library in Student’s Town “, bl. 42 B.

The retrospective conversion of the Union catalogue of foreign books and the catalog of books in foreign Cyrillic within the NALIS project ended . Began the retrospective conversion of the catalogue of books in Bulgarian language.

The work on forming of digital collections began with the software DigiTool. Over 30 000 p. are scanned and processed and are presented in the following 6 digital collections:

Bulgarian old printed books (1806-1878);
Foreign rare and valuable editions (XVI-XX c.);
Acad. Stoyan Romanski Archive;
Dissertation abstracts;
Sofia University Annual;
Course readings.

“Online request” service is introduced at the Central University Library.

File server, that is used for archiving digital objects of the Sofia University Library, is installed and implemented by direction “Automation”.

The project by the Operational Program Regional Development ended successfully in September, which includes reconstruction and air conditioning of 1000 square meters of the book depository of the Central University Library and complete reconstruction, renovation and air conditioning of branch library “Philologies”.

On 1st October 2012 the reconstructed library “Philologies” is officially opened for readers.

Reading room “Mediateka” is reconstructed.


Module “Course reading” of the electronic catalogue of the library is implemented.

The personal photo archive, the handwritten lectures and the scientific publications of Acad. Stoyan Argirov are digitized.

A new library site is created and launched in online mode.

On “Itineraires balkaniques 16-19 s.” project Sofia University Library digitalized 12 books – a total 4049 p., from which 967 p. are in text format. The project involves Sofia University Library, the National Library of Romania, the University Library “Svetozar Markovic”, Belgrade.

Library “Physics” is reorganized and 80% of its library fund is used by free access.

The Law Library is expanded and reorganized.

The first floor of the depository of the Central University Library is renovated, where are provided very good conditions for storing about 50,000 vol. books.


In the electronic catalogue of the Sofia University Library are introduced 554 courses with bibliographic information for recommended and required literature, covering the majority of the subjects, taught in the first year in all the specialties at Sofia University and 28 courses that contain full-text materials.

The first stage of the NALIS project ended. Over 620,000 records are created in the electronic catalogue and the retrospective conversion of the union catalogues of the Sofia University Library is done.
“Zograf” digital research library, situated in “Philologies” library is created.

Library “Mathematics and Informatics” is completely reconstructed with faculty funds, and there was situated an independent book depository, equipped with movable racks.

Library “Classical philology” is completely reorganized and moved to a new room.

The ground floor in the building of the Central University Library is repaired and with a personal donation from Prof. Al. Dimchev is created a “Librarian room”.


Within the elongation of the NALIS project is committed an analytical description of all series of the Sofia University Annual.


Expanding of the digital collections. 13 collections, containing more than 2,050 titles are created.

Manuscripts (48 titles);
Collection “Slavica” (1822-1922) (81 titles);
Stoyan Argirov Archive (239 resources);
Stoyan Romanski Archive (377 titles not full-text);
Library “Professor Boyan Penev” (911 titles not full-text);
Bulgarian old printed books (64 titles);
Foreign rare and valuable editions (XVI-XXI c.) (33 titles);
Sofia University Annual (70 volumes);
Dissertation abstracts, defended in Sofia University (741 titles);
Dissertation abstracts, defended in other universities and scientific institutions  (8 titles);
Photographs (75 resource);
Course readings (118 resources);
Literature for students with special educational needs (153 titles).