“Journey to Stastliveca”

“Journey to Stastliveca”

An exhibition of university scholars’ publications on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Aleko Konstantinov’s birth

The University Library presents the exhibition “Journey to Stastliveca”, which depicts Aleko Konstantinov’s first publications of travel books, feuilletons, short stories, essays, and translations.

Aleko Konstantinov’s connection to his Alma Mater is shown. He was the favorite writer of many students. Aleko participated in various events at the university, and in the last years of his life attempted to overcome the role “defender of free deeds” and focused more closely on his academic career.

The exhibition highlights are the scientific publications of the university professors: Ivan Shishmanov, Benyo Tsonev, Mikhail Arnaudov, Krastyo Krastev, Georgi Tsanev, Boyan Penev, Georgi Konstantinov, Velcho Velchev, Georgi Veselinov, Alexander Nichev, Boyan Nichev, Nikola Georgiev, Milena Tsaneva, Georgi Petkanov, Kiril Topalov, Boyan Biolchev, Milena Kirova and others. The exhibition shows also the habilitation work of Aleko Konstantinov, published in 1981.

Located in the University Library foyer, the exhibition will be on view until May 3, 2023.