Celebration of the Librarian's Professional Holiday – 11th May

110517.jpgThe celebration at the Sofia University Library began with floral tributes in front of the stained glass of the Holy brothers in front of the Aula of Sofia University. The idea, first realized in 2016, has the ambition to become a tradition. Assoc. Prof. Anna Angelova, Ph.D. congratulated the colleagues for the professional holiday and took into account the achievements, with which the Sofia University Library team is proud. She highlighted the role of the  literary and written word that librarians preserve and protect, the spirituality that distinguishes us and emphasizes the Bulgarian contribution to the common European cultural space.

Maria Begova and Anton-Konstantin Orush, the doyen and the youngest librarian at the Sofia University Library, presented the flowers in front of the stained glass, work of Prof. Ivan Penkov.

At the celebration, the director of the Sofia University Library presented certificates for excellence work: to the Library of Mathematics and Informatics - for successfully completing the complete re-enrollment of the fund consisting of 80,000 library units, to the Juridical Library – for the most readers and the largest number of visits, to the Library Preschool and primary school education – for initiation of the most cultural and educational initiatives within the faculty, the Library of French Literature - for a complete reorganization of the fund. Department “Library and information services” was awarded for doubling the number of scientific references, completed over the last two years and department “Library and Information Technologies and Networks” received a certificate for the "Challenge of the migration to version 23 of ILIS ALEPH and the transfer of the base, containing more than 1 million records ". 


Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014