Donation to the Sofia University Library from the Lebanese Embassy in Bulgaria

160317_1.jpgOn 16th March 2017 Mrs. Suzan Mouzi, First Secretary and Chargé d’affaires ad interim at the Embassy of the Lebanese Republic in Bulgaria was on visit at the Sofia University Library. The purpose of her visit was the donation of books to the Sofia University Library. The event was attended by the Deputy Rector of Sofia University Prof. Maria Stoicheva, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the Sofia University Library Mrs. Biljana Yavrukova, Ph.D., Prof. Dimitar Veselinov - representative of the Library Council, ambassadors and heads of Arab diplomatic missions, friends and guests.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon Mrs. Suzan Mouzi donated a valuable collection of 38 volumes in various thematic areas: history, linguistics, literature, tourism. The books will be in help to the students from the Faculty of History, Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages and Geology and Geography Faculty. She said that it is a great honour to be in Sofia University - one of the oldest universities on the Balkans, with remarkable academic glory that continues to create cultural elite and prepare generations of specialists in various fields, many of which hold important positions in the political, economic and academic spheres in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Ambassador of Lebanon recalled the old wisdom: "If you possess a spirit of true friendship and willingness to build bridges for contacts, interaction and achieving harmony with the other, then give them from your own ideas." Thus was born the initiative of the Embassy of Lebanon in Bulgaria, which aims to be launched Lebanese presence in rich fund of the Sofia University Library.

The Ambassador added that each culture is unique with its own identity and a set of specifics and the donation will enable the Bulgarian reader to become familiar with the history, folklore and culture of Lebanon. "Undoubtedly the acquaintance, publishing and translation are specific ways of rapprochement between peoples and nations", said Suzan Mouzi.

Prof. Dimitar Veselinov, a representative of the Library Council, said that this donation reflects the love of the Lebanese to their country and at the same time – it expresses the respect of our friends from Lebanon to the Bulgarian reader, because the books are in French and English. He emphasized that there are donated some of the most valuable vocabularies that allow those who do not speak Arabic to learn about the ancient history of Lebanon and its culture.

The Deputy Director of the University Library Mrs. Biljana Yavrukova, Ph.D. accepted the donation and in gratitude gave a picture with the symbol of the Sofia University Library - the lion - keeper of knowledge and the book Literary monuments in the Sofia University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski" XVI - XX (Compiler Assoc. Prof. Anna Angelova).


Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014