Exhibition: "Prof. Dimitar Dimov - the Scientist and the Writer"

dimov_thumb.jpgWithin the program to celebrate the Patron's Day of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” on November 30, 2009 in the lobby of the University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” was presented the jubilee exhibition “Prof. Dimitar Dimov - the Scientist and the Writer”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of this remarkable Bulgarian writer. 

dimov_plakat_1.jpgOrganizers of the event are the National Literary Museum - House of Dimitar Dimov and the University Library.
Many of the exhibits are displayed for the first time outside the walls of Dimov’s Museum - House, which makes the exhibition unique. Its main focus is the novel “Tobacco” with its first edition of 1951, pictures of prototypes of the main characters, the writer's handwritten notes to the second edition of 1954 and all subsequent editions. Attention is paid to the discussions of the novel held in the Union of Bulgarian Writers in 1952, critical reviews, as well as the Dimitar Dimov’s defensive response.   
dimov_snimka_3.jpgAmong the other exhibits are: manuscripts of the youth magazines “Science and Art” and “Scientific Review” issued by Dimov in his youth; laboratory equipment from Dimov’s home laboratory of physics, chemistry and photography; handwritten dictionaries with Spanish, English, German and Russian words; manuscripts and the first editions of the novels “Lieutenant Benz” and “Doomed Souls”, stories and travel notes from the Spanish cycle, handwritten pages of unfinished autobiography “Achilles’ Heel” and the unfinished “Untitled Novel”. The exhibition also contains scripts from the plays “Holidays in Arco Iris”, “The Guilty” and “Women with a Past” as well as the theatrical scenery projects of their first performances. The exhibition is rich in photos - from Bulgaria, Spain, Chile, with the family, with close friends and of meetings with Pablo Neruda, Jorge Amado and others.   
The second part of the exhibition reveals some aspects of the life of Dimitar Dimov unknown to the general public – as a scientist and university teacher. Of special interest are Prof. Dimov’s manuscript lectures illustrated by himself, the textbooks “Anatomy of Domestic Animals” and “Anatomy and Physiology”, a collection of histological preparations, articles and studies in veterinary medicine. Visitors can also see his work “On the Problem of the Biological Forms of Reflection” published in 1954, which demonstrates Dimitar Dimov’s erudition and encyclopedic knowledge of philosophy, physics and higher mathematics.

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