"The Many-sided Mihalaki Georgiev"

mihalaki_g.jpgOn March 20th, 2019 was presented an exhibition dedicated to the life and works of Mihalaki Georgiev - a joint project of the University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski", and the Institute of Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 
Prof. Angelova emphasized Mihalaki Georgiev's personality and his huge contribution to various spheres of public life – a diplomat, an economist, an editor, a scientist, and a writer. She pointed out that this exhibition aims to acquaint the public with the life and creativity of one of the great Bulgarians, builders of modern Bulgaria, little known but with a huge contribution to the development of our country.

Associate Professor Elka Traykova, Director of the Institute of Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, thanked the teammihalaki_g._1jpg..jpg of the University Library for the wonderful cooperation and acquainted the guests with some of the bright moments of the life of Mihalaki Georgiev.   
Associate Professor Aleksandra Antonova from the Institute of Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences pointed out that most of the priceless collection of archival documents was revealed for the first time. This collection shows the accents of Mihalaki Georgiev’s various activities. She talked about his literary work. 
Chief Assist. Dr. Emilia Aleksieva from the Institute of Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presented the archive of Mihalaki Georgiev, which consists of 191 archival units, divided into separate sections - biographical materials, correspondence, teaching materials, public activities, etc. 
"I hope you will leave this exhibition enriched and aware that it is part of preserving our identity, without which we are nothing and no one", said Dr. Aleksieva. A guest of the exhibition was the wife of one of Mihalaki Georgiev’s grandsons, Mrs. Emi Georgieva. She said that the memory for him is alive and he is honored by his family and his heirs.

The exhibition will be available to April 30, 2019.
"Meeting with a University Legend"

0-0.jpgOn the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the birth of Al. Balabanov the University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski " offers to your attention the exhibition " Meeting with a University Legend"- multilayered, non-traditional and with several clearly outlined stories.   
The first line aims to present the significant presence of Prof. Al. Balabanov in the cultural life of Bulgaria, and his activity as a scientist, translator and poet. It has been shown his literary heritage - scientific works and editions of his translations. There are presented photographs and documents from the Museum of Sofia University. In Professor Balabanov's inheritance can be found , those that are relevant today and which are worth re-reading.

And today we are convinced that "for Balabanov should be spoken in his original Balabanov’s style" - that is why the second line of1-4-bal.jpg the exhibition is unconventional. The stories of the man with "two souls and a hundred faces", one of the most awake minds of Bulgaria, are from memories of his friends and contemporaries. "Personality, figure and event", Balabanov is also a favorite cartoon character. The exhibition presents many cartoons, aphorisms, and his image in "folk art".
An additional dynamism of the exhibition gives the specially prepared multimedia. The photos, assessments and memories show professor Balabanov as a lecturer at Sofia University and his constant communication with the students - in the audience and outside.
This visual story will introduce you to the pages of our cultural history with the purpose to learn from the heritage left by legendary personalities, one of whom is Professor Alexander Balabanov.
130 Years of University Pedagogy" an exhibition at Sofia University Library

pl.jpgOn November 30th 2018 at University Library "St. KlimentOhridski "hasbeen inauguratedanexhibitiondevoted to the 130years history of the universitypedagogy. In attendance to the exhibition reception were members from Faculty of Educationand participants in the International Scientific Conference that has been held at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ".

The Deputy Director of the University Library Dr BiljanaYavrukova presented the collaborative initiative and emphasized that for theped_2.jpg first time, during this exhibition, books from the library of Josef Kovachev, one of the first Alma Mater patriarchs and the founder of the university pedagogy, will be shown. 
Professor Albena Chavdarova presented the exhibition concept and described periods of the Faculty of Education development at Sofia University. She underlined the scientific contributions of the first university lecturers, their followers and contemporary scholars who developed and established the university pedagogy in the context of the European and worldwide science. She encouraged faculty members and students to visit the exhibition and follow on the creativepath of the science of pedagogy. 

Tped_3.jpghe Dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor Boncho Gospodinov highlighted the exhibition uniqueness. He acknowledged that the exhibition brings together publications that outline researchers’ inquiries and are a great foundation for merit and scientific accomplishments in the past 130 years of Faculty history. Professor Gospodinov accentuated the enduring partnership between faculty members and library team for the forthcoming projects of mutual interest and digitization of new learning resources.
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