An exhibition of archival materials dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Hristo Smirnenski birth

8521.jpgOn November 13, 2018 an exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Hristo Smirnenski birth was presented at Sofia University Library. The exhibition depicted manuscripts, letters and photographs of Christo Smirnencski’s archive held at the Institute for Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. 

Associate Professor Anna Angelova, Director of the University Library "St. KlimentOhridski, welcomed the guests and expressed her gratification for the realization of this collaborative exhibition between Sofia University Library, National Museum for Literature, andthe Institute for Literature.
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A Jubilee scientific conference, dedicated to the 130th Anniversary of the University library "St. Kliment Ohridski"

In 2018 are turned 130 years of the foundation of the first university library in Bulgaria - the library of Alma mater. On the occasion the University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski" organized an international jubilee scientific conference “Modern Library – Learning Center, Culture Dialogue, Innovation and New Technologies”.
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