Presentation of the extended Zographou Electronic Research Library

110517-2.jpgOn 11th May 2017 at the Philology Library was presented the third extension of the Zographou Electronic Research Library. 

Assoc. Prof. Anna Angelova, Ph.D., Director of the Sofia University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” reminded that this library was created with the efforts and ambition of the colleagues from the Department of Cyril and Methodius Studies, the Center for Slavonic-Byzantine Studies and colleagues from the Sofia University Library.
Celebration of the Librarian's Professional Holiday – 11th May

110517.jpgThe celebration at the Sofia University Library began with floral tributes in front of the stained glass of the Holy brothers in front of the Aula of Sofia University. The idea, first realized in 2016, has the ambition to become a tradition. Assoc. Prof. Anna Angelova, Ph.D. congratulated the colleagues for the professional holiday and took into account the achievements, with which the Sofia University Library team is proud. She highlighted the role of the  literary and written word that librarians preserve and protect, the spirituality that distinguishes us and emphasizes the Bulgarian contribution to the common European cultural space.
Training of lecturers from the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology

el_ress1.jpgОn 21st  April 2017 at the initiative of the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology’s leadership, , was conducted a training "Citations in electronic resources".

Assoc. Prof.  Tsvetomira Pashova, Deputy Vice-Dean of the project work, opened the meeting and presented Miroslava Ivanova, Head of Library and Information Services at the Sofia University Library, who made a presentation on the subject and demonstrated the search of materials in real time.
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